Christina PridieI am a wife, mother of 4, shop owner and operator, knitwear designer and instructor. I was born and raised in the small town of Bowmanville. I started crocheting at the young age of 10. Knitting followed shortly after. I taught through the Board of Education for many years and various other venues. I enjoy teaching and designing as much or more so then knitting and crocheting itself. I started designing seamless knitwear 30 years ago. With over 40 years of experience and 123 published patterns I hope to publish a book or two someday. I know I will never accomplish everything I want to do in this lifetime but I hope and pray that I will leave a legacy for others to carry on wherever I leave off.

The Peterborough Yarn Shop is a warm and welcoming place to visit, shop, meet new people, be inspired and learn new skills. Whether you are a beginner knitter or crocheter or a seasoned one, we have something for every level of expertise. Like us on Facebook to keep updated on new arrivals, sales, events, charity work, classes, contests, FREE draws etc…and more. Go to www.ravelry.com to see or purchase One Of A Kind Seamless Knitwear Designs by Christina Pridie. Thank you. Happy Knitting!